Sustainability Report 2022: New carbon accounting improves our climate action

As part of the 2022 annual report, Söderberg & Partners reported some significant climate actions that the company took in 2022. By broadening the scope of carbon accounting in line with the GHG Protocol, we can more accurately report our greenhouse gas emissions and identify where we can make the most impact by reducing emissions. The report also contains work we have done to engage employees in living a more sustainable lifestyle and to reduce our transport-related emissions.
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In our 2022 Sustainability Report, included in our recently released annual report, we highlighted our expanded method to account for our carbon footprint. Following the GHG Protocol, we now calculate and report our carbon emissions within all 3 scopes, meaning that we include emissions that are connected to our own operations, the energy we use, and any activities that are connected to our work such as transport, waste, and purchased goods or services. By accounting for our carbon footprint in this way, we can identify where we need to reduce our emissions the most, as well as be more accurate in buying carbon removal to compensate for residual emissions.
One action that we have already taken is updating our travel guidelines to encourage our employees to travel by train or sustainably fuelled cars. We have updated our definitions of what is an environmentally friendly car to be stricter and more appropriate for reducing emissions from car travel, and we have also updated our travel guidelines to state that air travel should always be the last option, and only if it would take more than 4 hours to travel by train. By continuously calculating and reporting our emissions from all aspects of our operations, we will be able to continue to make better decisions and take better actions to reduce our own carbon footprint.
This work is in parallel with our continued work with helping our customers make more sustainable choices in their investments and fund management.

Highlights from our 2022 sustainability report:

  • The Sustainability Team completed 25 in-depth fund analyses and continues to impact and develop sustainability in the financial sector.
  • In 2022, we made it easier for our employees to reduce their IT equipment waste and increase the circular economy through the company 3StepIT.
  • 97 tonnes of CO2 was saved by all our employees during the Sustainability Week.
You can read the full report here:

  • winnie nguru

    51 w

    Climate accountability if I'd call it so is something we need to see

    • Patrick Kiash

      52 w

      Great report and the way to go!

      • walter lungayi

        52 w

        @patrick_kiash great report indeed

      • Beatrice Wachera

        52 w

        It's time I recommend a passionate climate change champion,who has developed an electric tuktuk

        • mercy nduta

          52 w

          Companies must reliably measure how much carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases they are responsible for.

          • Sarah Chabane

            52 w

            It's great to see companies report on what they do for the climate, we can't just rely on promises and plans

            • walter lungayi

              52 w

              @sarah_chabane I strongly agree, we can't just rely on promises.

            • Munene Mugambi

              52 w

              A legislation should be passed requiring companies to have annual sustainability reports

              • Ingmar Rentzhog

                52 w

                It's very good! This should be mandatory for all companies, and with the help of the EU, it soon will be for larger companies. It's great to see that Söderberg & Partners are already implementing it! They are leading the way!

                • Jengaj John

                  52 w

                  Carbon accounting is a crucial tool for businesses to understand and reduce their carbon footprint to support climate action goals.

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