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'The Earth Needs A Good Friend. When you support Friends of the Earth, you fuel the fight to protect people and the planet over corporate profits. Like when you convinced major garden retailers like Home Depot and Lowe’s to say no to bee-killing pesticides. Or when you pushed the Obama administration to stop selling off our public lands to Big Coal. And when you stopped what would have been the biggest coal export terminal in North America -- preventing nearly 1,000 coal shipments through the Salish Sea each year.Together, we’re working to build a system that promotes clean energy and solutions to climate change. We’re fighting for a truly safe and healthy food system. And we’re protecting marine ecosystems and the people who live and work near them.We've been defending the Earth and fighting for a healthy and just world for more than 45 years. But we need your help to keep going. Become a friend of the earth and join the movement to protect our planet and all its inhabitants.'

  • Lucinda Ramsay

    42 w

    We need Friends of the Earth and other similar organisations to help us make a big difference. But, we can all change our behaviour if we actively decide to do so. We can actively choose not to buy products, not to eat certain foods, not to buy coffee in disposable cups, not to fly so much, not to spray pesticides in our gardens or use weed killers etc.. we need big companies to change but we can influence and make our own choices..if enough people do it, it will have an impact..

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