Climate warning

Patrik Lobergh

8 w

Ulf Kristersson

Climate warning

Swedish Prime Minister signed a pact with the Right Wing Party - now they dictate the rules for the climat and refugees

The agreement with the so called Swedish Democrates has turned into a straitjacket for Ulf Kristersson It is not reality that guides the government's priorities - but a strikingly detailed document from October 2022, the so called "Tidö treatment". Ulf Kristersson was not afraid to repeat himself when he criticized the January agreement. One clue was that the settlement produced a historically weak government, which had to constantly adapt to other parties and was constantly threatened by crisis and disorder. Another was that the government was stuck in a document that did not respond to the major societal problems and created deadlocks when reality changed. One can debate how apt the criticism was. In any case, it is piquant that Ulf Kristersson now finds himself in this particular seat. On Monday, the UN Climate Panel presented its latest report. It paints a pitch-black picture. We are on the verge of missing the Paris Agreement's 1.5 degree target, which creates enormous risks for the planet. Rapid reductions in emissions are required. Three days later, the Sweden Democrats threaten a government crisis if they don't get exactly what they want about the reduction obligation. It must go down to the EU's lowest level - zero percent blending of biofuels - because that's what it says in the Tidö agreement. It is therefore about one of the most important tools for reducing Swedish emissions. Without the reduction obligation, it is not possible to reach the climate goals by 2030, which the government has assured that it is steering towards and which must be met if we are to do our part to achieve the Paris Agreement. The handling of inflation is also something that has been made more difficult by the Tidö Agreement. A further measure against the cost crisis that reality has also placed in the government's lap is a lowered reduction obligation, either. It is now that inflation is rushing. The forecasts point to a significantly lower price increase rate in 2024, when the change would come into effect. The management of inflation is also something that has been made more difficult by the Tidö agreement, which states that lower fuel prices must be a top priority in support for households. That's why 6.7 billion in this year's budget – the single largest piece of the reform space – was allocated to lower petrol and diesel taxes. Despite the fact that it made a small impression on the price at the pump and despite the fact that it spread the money over a large group, a significant part of which is quite well off. This left less room for proper support for those who need it most. But gang crime is at least what the government is focusing on. Ten pages of the Tidö Agreement are devoted to the area. But has the government? So focus. A wave of violence is currently plaguing Stockholm. The police are going through a deep crisis. From a political point of view, it is remarkably quiet - even though before the election it often sounded like little will was required. The investigative machinery puts its energy into the commitments of the Tidö Agreement such as visitation zones and anonymous witnesses, measures which at best have little effect - at worst are counterproductive. So the Tidö Agreement's real focus is not crime, but immigration, which actually occupies double page space. It is simply not reality that guides the government's priorities, but a strikingly detailed document from October 2022. This week, Expressen's editorial page stated that few refugees are seeking to come here, despite the fact that many are currently arriving in Europe. With the regulations we have, asylum seekers choose Sweden. Yet this is where the government puts its energy, to signal that people are not welcome in Sweden and should preferably leave even if they are already here and have the right to be. The right to an interpreter in care is being investigated. "Re-migration" must be stimulated. It is simply not reality that guides the government's priorities, but a strikingly detailed document from October 2022, above all inspired by SD's dreams and wishes. And if it is not followed, then threats of crisis and disorder arrive like a letter in the mail. This is exactly how Ulf Kristersson promised it wouldn't be.

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  • George Kariuki

    8 w

    This is a worrying development and could have long-term, damaging implications for the country.

    • Sarah Chabane

      8 w

      Four lost years in Sweden when it comes to climate policy.... too bad because we don't have time

      • Tabitha Kimani

        8 w

        Working from a reality perspective brings better results from best decisions taken.

        • Munene Mugambi

          8 w

          None of us should be held hostage by this criminals

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