Damodar Prabhu Panemangalore's post

This is a famous bird sanctuary in India which was created in the upstream due to construction of a weir in river cauvery way back in 1640, it got protection from the local kings wodeyars way back in 1930s, so this is an example of a human intervention leading to positive effect on nature, the siberian species of birds fly 1000s of kms during winter to produce offspring and go back with their young ones to their origins during summer. It was a pleasure to see the whole food chain perfectly in balance. That is protected. You can really see 1000s of them chirping in sync. What a creation. Do visit this place very near to a historical place of Mysore in India. Dropping of birds nutritious for algae and fungi, these micro plankton are assimilated by different kinds of fish and then back to the birds for their food. To control over production of birds there are crocodiles waiting for them in a sleepy mood and we have local vultures to scavenge. There are also umpteen number of beautiful species of local birds at this place. It is a holy place for bird watchers.

  • Tabitha Kimani

    71 w

    Its amazing to see how human interventions pay in due time.

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