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Do this at work? Why not!
Today at 11 o’clock it’s time for our mandatory wellness hour again which means everything from walking to kayaking (as Jerome in the picture).
The other week we were featured in another great article on our work culture. This time in Partille Tidning.
To us it is crystal clear that both coworkers and the company benefit from spending time outdoors and shutting down usual tasks for a while.
According to our staff survey it makes us productive and helps us get better work-life balance.
So why is this still so unusual?
Three advice to business leaders who want to try this:
1. Schedule the wellness hours so that no meetings are booked at these times.
2. Let people do what they want and feel good about. It's not about performance.
3. Make sure that everyone is part of it – this includes you!
Find out more here:

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  • Sarah Chabane

    3 w

    I have heard about this and I think this is a great initiative as long as there are alternatives for all types of bodies and adapted to people with different disabilities :)

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