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Minnesota Leads Midwest Clean Energy Transition

John Delurey, Vote Solar's senior regional director, noted six months ago that Illinois "sits on the shoulders of some of the most robust and equitable climate legislation in the country and region." He stated that after this year's legislative session, Minnesota is challenging Illinois as the Midwest's equitable clean energy state.
The two Midwestern states with the most renewable energy transition initiatives in the first quarter just finished legislative sessions. In states with Democratic governors and legislative chambers, many clean energy and environmental justice initiatives were filed this year. However, each had distinct goals and objectives.
The NC Clean Energy Technology Center at North Carolina State University recorded proposed and adopted electrical sector decarbonization policies in a new study. Carbon dioxide decrease in any area is decarbonization. According to the survey, Minnesota was the most active Midwest state and third nationwide behind Massachusetts and California. Illinois finished second in the area and fifth nationwide with fewer legislation submitted and approved.
Illinois introduced at least 16 electrical decarbonization legislation, but none passed. The report highlighted 20 Minnesota efforts, most of which failed, but a new clean energy standard and modified long-term utility plans did.
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Experts say differences in electric utility markets, when their 100 percent clean energy standards were set, and the political makeup of their legislative bodies may explain the differences in each state's number of actions and how many were enacted. Minnesota's Senate became Democratic in 2022.
Illinois set its 100 percent clean energy targets two years earlier, promising equitable renewable energy job prospects. The research states that 65 percent of its electricity is clean, compared to 55 percent in Minnesota. The report's author, Autumn Proudlove, associate director of the NC Clean Energy Technology Center, said Illinois' initiatives mostly involved implementing clean energy objectives and renewable portfolio criteria.

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  • We Don't Have Time

    53 w

    Dear George Kariuki Thank you for getting your climate love to level 2! We have reached out to Vote Solar and requested a response. I will keep you updated on any progress! /Bertie We Don't Have Time

    • Joseph Githinji

      53 w

      Great commitment

      • Daniel Waweru

        53 w

        This is encouraging, Minnesota is doing a commendable job which should inspire other countries to follow suit.

        • Edwin wangombe

          53 w

          Way to go... Let the rest follow this example

          • Joyce Waturu

            53 w

            That's superb to note.The race to green energy is gaining traction in most parts and it seems inevitable for Minnesota to take up the challenge to take lead.

            • Tabitha Kimani

              54 w

              The commitments by the democratic leaders raises so much hope in dealing with the climate crisis.

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