Why you should be interested in SB60 and the UN Climate Change Conference in Bonn

With April 2024 marking the 11th consecutive warmest month on record, the SB60 conference is crucial for global climate action. SB60 will gather global stakeholders in Bonn, Germany on June 3-13 to tackle urgent climate issues and set the stage for COP29 in Azerbaijan.
But what is SB60, and what will be the main focus points? Join us to find out!
Bonn Climate Change Conference June 2023 - Photo:  UN Climate Change
Bonn Climate Change Conference June 2023 - Photo: UN Climate Change

Understanding SB Conferences

Twice-Yearly Meetings: The Subsidiary Bodies (SBs) convene twice a year, at the Bonn Climate Change Conference and during the COP, to discuss and negotiate various aspects of climate change mitigation, adaptation, finance, capacity-building, and technology transfer.
Preparation for COP: The SBs play a vital role in preparing the agenda and decisions for the annual global climate summit (COP), providing technical expertise and recommendations that shape the final negotiations and outcomes of these meetings.

What will be the focus of SB60 this June?

Global Climate Finance: The main focus of SB60 will be climate finance, which refers to local, national or transnational financing—drawn from public, private and alternative sources of financing—that seeks to support mitigation and adaptation actions that will address climate change.
An important part of this broad theme will be discussions on the New Collective Quantified Goal on Climate Finance (NCQG).

NCQ what?

In 2009, developed countries pledged to mobilize $100 billion per year by 2020 for climate action. This was not achieved, and the goal was therefore extended to 2025, with a new target to be set before then. The new goal, called the “New Collective Quantified Goal on Climate Finance”, is to be implemented at COP29 in Baku.
This goal will be crucial to ensure ongoing financial support for developing countries to combat and adapt to climate change. In Bonn, discussions will centre on the NCQG and efforts to align financial flows with climate objectives, including the mobilization of resources for adaptation and mitigation.

Article 2.1C of the Paris Agreement: SB60 will also address Article 2.1C, which aims to align financial flows with climate action, i.e. making sure there is enough money to do what has to be done. However, defining the scope and implementation of this article remains a challenge, with countries differing on interpretations and approaches.
Article 2.1C of the Paris Agreement is a crucial, yet often debated, element aimed at aligning global financial flows with climate objectives. Its purpose is to ensure that financial investments support the transition towards low greenhouse gas emissions and climate-resilient development. However, its implementation remains complex and contentious, as countries grapple with interpreting its broad language and scope.

The Global Stocktake Dialogue: What is the Global Stocktake (GST)? The GST is an integral part of the Paris Agreement that operates on a five-year cycle to comprehensively evaluate global climate actions. It assesses mitigation and adaptation efforts, climate finance mobilisation, and technology transfer, guiding countries to align their actions with the Agreement's long-term goals. The first set was concluded at COP28 and is designed to inform the next round of climate action plans (NDCs) due by 2025.
SB60 will see the first edition of the Annual Global Stocktake Dialogue on June 6 & 7.
It will feature discussions on whether the countries are following GST recommendations, highlighting progress, best practices, and recommendations for enhancing international climate action.

Debsuddha Banerjee / Climate Visuals Countdown
Debsuddha Banerjee / Climate Visuals Countdown

Other important subjects at SB60 include:

Article 6 of the Paris Agreement: SB60 will delve into carbon market mechanisms under Article 6, aiming to fulfil NDCs through market-based and non-market-based approaches.
Update of Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs): SB60 will focus on updating NDCs from countries, reflecting their commitments to climate action and mitigation efforts.
Mitigation Work Programme: The conference will address scaling up mitigation ambition and implementation, particularly for countries in their NDCs, with a focus on energy transition and urban systems.
Loss and Damage: The establishment of a Loss and Damage Fund was one of the highlights of the United Nations Climate Conference (COP 27) in Egypt in 2022. But how should it work? Efforts to operationalise the loss and damage fund, establish a global goal on adaptation, and address equity and common but differentiated responsibilities will be on the agenda in Bonn.
SB60 comes at a crucial moment for global collaboration and action as we face escalating climate challenges. Do you want to be a part of it?
Join the We Don’t Have Time Climate Hub at SB60, live on June 10 and 11 as we tackle some of the main themes such as climate finance, NDCs and climate adaptation. Watch our live broadcasts, expert discussions, and critical negotiations as we work together to advance the climate agenda and prepare for COP29 in Azerbaijan.
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to be part of the global effort to combat climate change. Register now and be a part of the solution!

/ Sarah Chabane, May 21, 2024
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    Well detailed article. Let's look forward and hope more results will be birthed from this upcoming event.

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      Truly historic that the global business community is invited to a pre COP meeting!

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        This is the very nice article, Sarah! HUGE thanks to We Don't Have Time for covering this.

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        Great article Sarah!

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          A lot is depending on these talks. I am cautiously hopeful that reason will prevail!

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              interesting, looking forward to learning more from SB60

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                Very insightful article.Looking forward to learning more in SB60 conference.

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                  Very helpful and clear information! Looking forward to learning more from this global conference!

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                    Very interesting article, really helps to understand what will be happening in Bonn!

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