The key to revitalizing SDGs lies in transforming food systems.

The UN has initiated an accelerated transformation in food systems, led by Amina J. Mohammed, the UN Deputy Secretary-General. Her focus is on realigning Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and reversing concerning trends.
Nearly half of SDG targets are significantly off track or moderately behind, with 37% showing no progress at all. Inadequate funding poses a major challenge for countries striving to enhance their food systems and ensure widespread access to nourishing diets.
To combat these issues, Ms. Mohammed introduced a new initiative aimed at addressing resource gaps and sparking a positive turnaround. The Joint SDG Fund’s Window on Food Systems will establish an investment strategy in food systems, catalyzing swift and comprehensive actions through the UN Food Systems Hub.
Ms. Mohammed also emphasized the role of space technology in transforming agrifood systems. She highlighted the potential of outer space advancements, particularly in low-earth orbit access and utilization. By effectively harnessing space technology's potential, it could emerge as a vital tool for agricultural and agri-food systems, fostering sustainability, resilience, and efficiency.
Estimates suggest that farmers could increase yields by over 10% and cut costs by up to 20% through more sustainable utilization of Earth’s resources. Space technology has the power to be a game-changer in achieving the 2030 Agenda and cultivating more robust agri-food systems.

  • Marilyn Mehlmann

    43 w

    Oh dear. The UN talks about 'space technology' to meet the food crisis, ignoring the facts that a) there are good methods for meeting the crisis on earth, except that they aren't palatable to agribusiness, and b) one of the major sources of the crisis is the depletion of soil life, leading not only to reduced yields but also to poor water retention... and soil will hardly be improved by 'importing' food from space. Whose errand boy has FAO become, one wonders?

    • Charmian Larke

      43 w

      This is somewhat vague with no clues on how looking from space will help peasant farmers. It sounds more like a big tech takeover of local food systems, rather than a bottom up respect approach to help with local suitable varieties and move towards permaculture and ecosystem restoration for sustainability.

      • Sarah Chabane

        44 w

        Very true!

        • Kevin

          45 w

          We are on track to revive our SDGs

          • beatrice wachera

            45 w

            The future is lighting up,once food issues is sorted out life gets easier

            • Cllr Dr Pete Sudbury

              43 w

              @beatrice_wachera 10-20% increase in yields isn't going to match up to the destruction of whole harvests by extreme weather.

            • bonke reinhard

              45 w

              Once the issue of funds are sorted these countries will be in a better position to enhance food system

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