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Climate idea

Climate change

Change 1) Bring your own bottle or mug. ... 2) Replace inefficient bulbs. ... 3) Turn off some lights. ... 4) Have a “2 degrees” goal at home. ... 5) Walk or bike somewhere you'd normally drive today. ... 6) Vote! ... 7) Plant something. ... 8) Take a hike.

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  • Inge Hansson

    25 w

    It's simple to grasp and try. I will!

    • Sara Nyberg

      25 w

      What is having a "2 degrees goal" at home? To live so that you don't cause more emissions than what is allowed to reach 2 degrees global warming? If so, it's even better to have a "1.5 degrees goal", becuase the climate consequences are much lower then comoared to at 2 degrees. Regarding voting, I would like to add that it's good to vote for a party which has ambitious climate politics :)

      • Inge Hansson

        25 w

        @SaraNewmountain I agree totally!


          25 w

          @SaraNewmountain thanks for more explanation

          • Waigwa Monica

            20 w

            @SaraNewmountain thank you for the clarification 👏🏽👏🏽 .

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