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Bush meat hunting threatens antelope survival

In a heart-wrenching revelation, the once-thriving population of various antelope species in the Tsavo Conservancy has experienced a shocking decline of 50 per cent in just half a decade. The wilderness, which once served as a safe haven for these creatures, is now witnessing a tragic consequence of bush meat hunting. As the hungry shadows of poverty loom large over the local communities, the race to feed their families has inadvertently become a threat to the very existence of these endangered species.

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  • Kevin

    41 w

    Stringent measures need to be put in place and duly acted upon

    • Princess

      41 w

      Ultimately what needs to be done is their habitat has to be high protected and these are the Highlands forests.

      • johnte ndeto

        41 w

        Strict rules and regulations ought to be enacted to protect our wildlife

        • Hilda Wangui

          41 w

          Very high decline KWS need to act upon and protect the wild animals especially edible ones which are at high risk

          • rosebellendiritu

            41 w

            Decrease in 50% is a shocking truth,this should be discouraged coz when they are done with antelopes they will move to any other "edible"animal which is very wrong.

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