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Climate idea

Each one,Teach One

Having a gab in knowledge,we need suggestions for betterment of our planet, by embracing Science and global solutions. A call for all professionals "this is now your time to give back to the planet by reducing carbon footprint.It requires a holistic and logical approach through inclusion and participation in order to seek climate justice from water perspective. Water is vital and essential for life.. and also has an impact on socio-economic and environmental design. Having exposure and sensitivity, we need urgent Solution oriented mindset. There is no planet B Each one , Teach one.. Take Action. Time is now to save our planet from catastrophic events by embracing sustainable practices to foster environment of collaboration and progress. Soil and water ,Natural habitat Consideration. Restoration of Terrestrial ecosystems and river connectivity to combat water crisis both locally and globally. Water addressing global solutions. Achieving 2030 agenda from water perspective. Embrace sustainability by examining your carbon footprint. By planting a tree you are building hope for our future generation. No one to blame,Each one,Teach one Take Action. Climate Youth Resilience.

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  • johnte ndeto

    19 w

    Creating awareness is really an important idea as people will embrace the realities of climate change

    • Rashid Kamau

      19 w

      We all have vital responsibilities to cater for our planet well-being.

      • Grace Njeri

        19 w

        @rashid_kamau We must dispense them rapidly.

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