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Winning difficult games in race of sustainable future with or without magic by a sportswear enterprise

The name of the Houdini brings back memories of popular magic shows and the legendary magician Harry Houdini. A few of the famous magic of Houdini were to escape from bondages of hand calf or from threats of being buried alive in live shows. The spectators loved and cherished the way everything was performed in front of their eyes. Surprising the spectators were the key to success for the magician. Rapid glancing of videos uploaded in link of Houdini Sportswear with exciting, embedded messages bring back similar elements of surprises.
1. Fierce battles over IPR (International Patent Rights) among different parties are common in todays ' world. In this world, this company is supporting introduction of open-source environment for their product category.
2. In this era of increasing sales targets, this company is boasting of making durable products. Longer shelf life of apparels is surely a block in making room for new clothes by consumers and consequently for hitting higher and higher sales target by wearable selling company.
3. In this time of " being first" and "enjoying fresh -est products", this enterprise is trying to promote circularity, which may harm the good will of their own products.
4. This enterprise is also advocating for the ecocide law ( Note: The news about ecocide law actually glimmered the curiosity of current author of this post about this company. There are also five other companies who are advocating for same cause, but language became barrier in watching works of SPP. Rest shall be watched soon) .
5. And lastly, they are doing good business.
Escaping from well tested patterns of wearable business demand passion, courage, creativity and innovation. Producing apparels and advocating law for ecocide can lead to conflict of tasks for a textile unit. By embracing these challenging tasks, this company is showing paths for successful sustainable business, with or without any magic. Watching full videos were difficult because of serious buffering issues, which needs to be sorted out.)

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  • Chris Ndungu

    6 w

    Advocating for Ecocide law to be approved is a great milestone. These news from Houdini Sportswear enterprises will bring joy as well as hope to many.

    • Felix mokaya

      6 w

      This is a great news from Houdini Sportswear enterprise .It is such a great news to hear that they are advocating for Ecocide law to be approved

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