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Effects of color blindness on life and activities
Color blindness is a medical term for a person's visual impairment. People with color blindness can see things but cannot distinguish their colors like normal people.
There are patients who only have temporary color blind test, but there are also many cases where they have to accept living with this disease for the rest of their lives.
People with red and green color blindness are often genetic, men account for about 8% and women account for about 0.4%. The cause is determined to be due to the gene for red and green color blindness located on the chromosomes.
People with blue and yellow color blindness make up only about 5% of all people with color blindness.
Effects of color blindness on patients
People with color blindness will have certain effects on work and life even though they can still see everything around them. Difficulties in recognizing colors and distinguishing objects of different colors will affect daily work, especially those related to design, graphics, driving, etc.In addition to people with genetic color blindness, people with temporary color blindness also have it due to trauma that damages the brain, retina, or eye diseases. For those with green and red color blindness who do a driver's job, they may be able to get a driver's license but not a commercial license and not be allowed to drive at night, which can be quite disruptive to the job that the patient will have to accept.

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