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Climate love

Youth Standing Up for Climate Justice

According to an inspiring report by The Guardian, young activists are taking 32 European countries to court over their climate policies. This courageous move reflects their deep love for our planet's future and their unwavering commitment to a sustainable world. Let's applaud and support these young leaders who are demanding accountability and positive change. Together, we can amplify their voices and work towards a brighter, more environmentally just future for all. For more information, read the article here: #ClimateLove #ClimateJustice #Sustainability

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  • Videlis Eddie

    29 w

    youths should definitely stand up for the planet as its their inheritance

    • Gorffly mokua

      34 w

      As the youths, we have the power to change things and influence the decisions that are being made by our leaders. We cant afford to be silent while our future is being destroyed.

      • johnte ndeto

        35 w

        It's very inspiring to see the youth pushing for climate change

        • George Kariuki

          35 w

          Supporting and amplifying the voices of these young leaders is essential in driving positive change and raising awareness about the urgency of addressing climate issues.

          • Grace Njeri

            35 w

            Climate change is the greatest threat facing people and the planet today.

            • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

              35 w

              This great. Being more than half of the world's population, Youths must guard their future.

            • zelda ninga

              35 w

              Youth voices offer crucial perspectives, particularly as those who will have to live with the long-lasting repercussions of climate change in the future, and there’s much we can learn from them.

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