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Wildlife services dismisses fears that hells gate park will be polluted by rally enthusiasts

The Kenya Wildlife Service has dismissed fears that the World Rally Championship will have negative environmental effects on Hellsgate National Park in Naivasha. The wildlife agency said mitigation measures had been put in place to protect the wild animals including some endangered species of vultures during the weekend event. Environmental groups have in the past raised concern over the move to host the rally in the world renowned park, warning that it would have adverse effects on the animals. But KWS assistant director Joseph Dadacha said robust measures had been put in place in the national park, where the final ceremony will be held on Sunday. Dadacha downplayed fears that dumping of solid waste would affect the park, adding that this had been addressed. “We have enough portable toilets and garbage bins placed strategically along the spectators’ zone, with enough staff manning them and collecting any waste,” he said. Dadacha said that they had put in place measures to address the issues of pollution and littering in a bid to protect the habitat of the park that is home to a variety of wild animals. “We have designated parking points for those coming to watch the rally and we are calling on the spectators to avoid dumping waste in the park,” he said.

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  • George Kariuki

    2 w

    It's great that Kenya Wildlife Service is taking steps to protect wildlife. Rally noise can still be disruptive to wildlife.

    • winnie nguru

      2 w

      I know by now so much destruction has happened . The rally should be kept off the park going forward

      • Princess

        2 w

        It's reassuring to hear that wildlife services are addressing concerns about potential pollution at Hell's Gate Park due to rally events.

        • Jane Wangui

          2 w

          Although the animals are not having the best time in their habitats, atleast some measures are being taken to ensure that they have an easier time.

          • Gorffly mokua

            2 w

            @jane_wangui Absolutely agree! This will limit them from moving freely..

          • Patrick Kiash

            2 w

            Last year I liked their measures in terms of waste collection etc, I was among spectators, but I felt in one way or the other that animals,birds that live in those habitats must be really stressed by unusual noise, helicopters passing on top of them as they cover the event. Still I noted some were blocked from crisscrossing naturally to the events venue to curb risks and security. In the future more measures should be considered and brought to books. I noted a lot of fossil fuels companies are there to show their might, and they release a lot of pollution in the air, which at the end pollutes the clean air in that area and it's environs.

            • walter lungayi

              2 w

              @patrick_kiash Indeed those animals feel stressed during those rallies. Apart from the noise, the fumes from the vehicles and dust poses a great danger to the animals and the environment. Whereby the dust and fumes may cause respiratory problems. Interventions should be put in place to prevent damages.

              • Gorffly mokua

                2 w

                @patrick_kiash True! And i strongly feel that this is not a climate love!!

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