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Happy World Wildlife Day!
This day is set aside to recognize the unique roles and contributions of wildlife to people and the planet.
What does wildlife have to do with climate, you might ask?
Protecting wildlife and their functional roles in ecosystems is a critical component of natural climate solutions. Plants remove CO2 from the atmosphere, but the associated animals help maintain plant productivity, diversity, and resilience through pollination, seed dispersal, selective herbivory, and the enhancement of soil nutrient supply and organic carbon storage.
Experimental studies have shown that many wild animals exert outsized control of carbon sequestration by adding 15–250% more carbon in plants, soils and sediments compared to where they are absent. For example, by stimulating vegetation productivity and impacting soil respiration and carbon storage, bison can increase the net carbon capture of tallgrass prairie by 1340 g CO2/m2 during the growing season and shortgrass prairie by 163 g CO2/m2, as well as decreasing soil CO2 release by 1240 g CO2/m2 per year. These dwarf the associated effects of bison respiration and methane release. Wolf predation on moose in boreal forests sequesters 140 ± 72 g CO2/m2 per year.
As species are lost from an ecosystem, those that depend on them for food, pollination, or other needs, also begin to disappear. This can decrease overall productivity and resilience. At a certain point, it becomes a “Jenga effect”—pull out too many pieces, and eventually the structure collapses. Examples include forest turning to grassland and coral reefs becoming expanses of sand. Such ecosystem collapses accelerate climate change and worsen its effects.
(citations available on demand)
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  • Rotich Kim

    6 w

    This is great day we need to celebrate our wild animals as it give biodiversity

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