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By: Rob de Laet

As the year 2023 ends, we can look back on a year with the sudden acceleration of temperature increases and climate extremes that show us that with the current process of mismanagement by the world's governments we are heading for a planet that will - sooner rather than later - become uninhabitable for a lot of people and incompatible with complex, globally intertwined human societies. In other words, we are heading straight for collapse. If we do not turn this crazy, suicidal behavior around fast, the consequences will be more dire than all previous wars combined.

Healthy and resilient ecosystems are vanishing, living biomass on Earth has been halved, leading to loss of water- and climate regulation. The planet is losing its capacity for homeostasis. Massive amounts of soil have been degraded by human activities. This reduces the ability for ecosystems to bring gentle rains, helped by aerosols produced by plants, to maintain healthy spongy soils, refilling aquifers and sustain biodiverse life.
In the sun, bare ground radiates heat that is captured by greenhouse gasses. When rain falls it runs off fast and triggers floods. Nature abhors a vacuum, but that is exactly what we are causing with our mono-culture food production, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, industrial scale irrigation and concrete jungles, degrading land's ability to sustain a healthy climate. Oceans are overheated, polluted, increasingly depleted of carbon sequestering life and acidified, driving extreme weather events killing oceanic life, that generates cooling clouds. Albedo loss on the poles leads to meandering jet streams, melting ice-caps and disruption of ocean currents.
Together these processes will degrade habitability exponentially if we do not make it the priority of everyone, everywhere to keep their region and with that the planet, habitable for humans and the many species that grace the biosphere.


Apart from getting our emissions down, we must start massive ecosystem restoration, revitalizing life on land and sea, including soil restoration and shifting to regenerative food production and permaculture. Restoring water cycles through reforestation is key, including the restoration of the biotic pump function of large forests. Increasing plant life is crucial for integrating essential life cycles and cooling the environment. Scaling up ecosystem restoration is essential for supporting biodiversity and mitigating extreme weather. With new techniques such as remineralization, Miyawaki forests, coral and seagrass restorating, reversing marine dead zones and so on, we know how to reverse climate change much faster than most realize. But we must act now, because we are running out of time.

Let's formulate our good intentions to restore life for 2024 and make sure they are implemented now! Together we can and must protect the lives of many generations to come!

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  • cie kalyl

    4 w

    Ecosystems that once thrived with resilience are disappearing at an alarming rate, with the living biomass of our planet halved due to human activities. This loss has severe implications for water and climate regulation, as well as the planet's overall capacity for maintaining equilibrium. https://infinitecraftonline.io

    • George Kariuki

      15 w

      I wholeheartedly agree. We must choose a path of strategic planetary rehabilitation.

      • Edwin wangombe

        15 w

        I agree... the extinction of humanity and the world as we know it is just around the corner if we do not take action to curb climate change... we should definitely stop gambling with our lives

        • Johannes Luiga

          15 w

          We don’t have time to wait. We need to scale the solutions now!

          • walter lungayi

            15 w

            There is an urgent need for ecosystem restoration and sustainable practices to combat climate change, also the importance of taking immediate action to protect the planet and future generations. A powerful call to action for global environmental preservation.

            • dickson mutai

              15 w

              The urgency for planetary rehabilitation is undeniable!

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