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The State has failed to act quickly enough to improve air quality in some metropolitan areas

The Public Rapporteur of the French Council of State (highest administrative court and counselor) said during a hearing that the French State should be sentenced to pay 20 million euros for not having acted quickly enough against air pollution. France had been ordered in August 2021 to pay 10 million euros for not having sufficiently strengthened its device against pollution, a decision then relating to the first half of 2021. The rapporteur - whose opinions are usually, but not always, followed by judges - requested Monday the payment of a new sum of 20 million euros additional corresponding to the next two semesters, from July 2021 to June 2022. The state has, according to the rapporteur, failed to act within the "shortest possible time" to improve air quality in some metropolitan areas. Five years since the first court decision in 2017, the thresholds of nitrogen dioxide are still exceeded in Paris, Lyon and Marseille, while the situation has improved in Toulouse but is not yet consolidated enough. It is time that the French State takes air pollution seriously! Read more (FR): Picture: LP/Olivier Corsan

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  • Christina D

    75 w

    Yea cause taking 20 million euros, will solve it, bullshit.. I can about bet the elites idea on how to line there pockets with more money,.. is this right here, impose ridiculous amount of money fines, will fix it, I mean money they could have used later to fix any issues, cut that by 1/3 bank it, and set up a plan to where in X amount of years they are able to get the money back if they come up with real ways to fix problems they know actually exists,.. and for the love of God don't mention cow farts, I hear that crap I wanna puke,. It's so stupid and lame, it's the elites joke on ppl just to see if they believe it or not.. grow a brain, think for your selves..

    • zelda ninga

      75 w

      For how long is France?

      • Christina Carlmark

        75 w

        Money can not buy fresh air! But restrictions, polluter pays, and good public transport running on renewables can.

        • Marine Stephan

          75 w

          Yes! Investments need to be made as well as policies!

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