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Elephant tusks recovered from poachers

We must protect this endangered species at all cost.Poachers must be dealt with brutally by the law to make sure that people who may think to pursue this path later will think twice about it.More laws should be enforced to avoid this kind of events in future.We must support the nation by reporting any cases of poaching that people may come by.

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  • Jane Wangui

    41 w

    The government of Kenya should be keen and take serious action against poaching

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      42 w

      This is absurd, I condemn poaching

      • winnie nguru

        42 w

        Why is this happening again? Its inconceivable that there are dead wild animals going by this pictures. I condemn this behavior!

        • Daniel Waweru

          42 w

          It is so sad coming into terms with the fact that there are dead animals behind this picture, animal lives should be protected at all costs

          • rosebellendiritu

            42 w

            Elephants are an endangered species and need to be protected at all cost

            • Majdi Alnajjar

              42 w

              Ecosystem needs more natural movement 🌳

              • Grace Njeri

                42 w

                Elephants play a hugely important role in the natural management of plant species,thus needs to be protected.

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