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Harnessing an Indigenous Land Management Technique to Adapt to Climate Change in San Diego BY ETHAN OLSON INTRODUCTION The San Diego of today is far different from the San Diego of 50 years ago, and the San Diego of 50 years ago was far different from the landscape that occupied its modern boundaries 400 years ago. One important difference? It’s warmer. The air is filled with more carbon dioxide, and the climate is changing. Flood risk is increasing and sensitive habitats are struggling to survi


There are many reasons to adopt and implement the rock-drop technique in San Diego’s urban canyons, particularly when thinking about mitigating and adapting to climate change. Rock-drops have the potential to weaken floods, filter water, sequester carbon, reestablish wetland ecosystems, and regulate microclimates. But perhaps most importantly, the initiation of rock-drops and other Indigenous land management techniques offer an opportunity to restore the landscape to a form that is closer to its historic past: one without anthropogenic climate change, and one with a community of people who take pride in caring for the land.
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