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Delta commits $1 billion to become first carbon neutral airline

Carbon neutrality is a state of net-zero carbon dioxide emissions. This can be achieved by balancing emissions of carbon dioxide with its removal or by eliminating emissions from society.

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  • Daniel Waweru

    69 w

    Great news here. Decarbonizing our climate

    • Kamau WA Githinji

      69 w

      this is a great step, all aviation companies should strive to achieve this

      • walter lungayi

        69 w

        Great move

        • Aristeidis Progoulakis

          69 w

          This could be the start of a new standard in the aviation industry 🙌 Great news considering the number of emissions produced by the airlines.

          • George Kariuki

            69 w

            This sets a powerful example for other airlines to follow and encourages more businesses to take action in reducing their carbon footprint.

            • Grace wa Muiruri

              69 w

              Carbon-neutral fuels make a great option for reducing the number of greenhouse gases that humans release into the atmosphere

              • Tabitha Kimani

                69 w

                If this is implemented, the other airlines will no excuse. It will also offer the alternative to the people who want to fly on clean energy.

                • Sarah Chabane

                  69 w

                  Skeptical! How will the billion be invested?


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