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Recover™ joins EuRIC to speak with one voice and propose policies that accelerate circular practices while considering the position of textile recyclers.
Originally, Euric was primarily focused on metals and plastics, but in 2019 the Euric Textiles branch was added. The textiles branch was traditionally dominated by sorters aimed at facilitating reuse, but now Euric is witnessing a growing involvement of recyclers, both mechanical and chemical.
EuRIC Textiles members come from various European countries and are active in the collection, sorting, preparing for reuse, recycling, transport, and marketing of used textiles, shoes, and accessories, gaining representation in the whole textile and footwear recycling value chain. Their main objectives are to connect the European recycling industries and other circular economy stakeholders, to act as a trusted partner between the European recycling value chain and policymakers, and to provide specific and cross-sectoral expertise on a broad range of materials.
Read more about the initiatives here:

  • Munene Mugambi

    35 w

    The circular economy idea is what gets us out of this mess. We have to stop procrastinating when to implement this

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