Ingmar Rentzhog's post

Nearly $7 trillion USD is invested annually in activities harming nature, while investments in Nature-based Solutions total only around $200 billion.
It’s time to #MoveTheMoney
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Read the full UNEP report: State of Finance for Nature
  • Kevin

    6 w

    This is very alarming! The sheer difference in allocation of funds for nature based solutions is very huge.

    • Patrick Kiash

      6 w

      This picture alone speaks more than 1000 words.... The disparities in this gap should and must change if we need our nature thrieve.

      • winnie nguru

        7 w

        Where are our priorities? So much can be done if we decided to inject resources in the right places

        • Munene Mugambi

          7 w

          I agree with the "Move the money" principle. We cut on investments harming the planet, we triple our investments in Research and Design in Renewable energy and increase our ROI in this sector. We effectively cut out emissions and reduce global temperatures

          • Boniface Kuria

            7 w

            If there ever was a great example of misplaced priorities, this would be it.

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