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Real Ice is developing a way to refreeze melting Arctic ice

Since 1980 the amount of sea ice has fallen by half and we are currently losing about 6 cm every year. The studies say the Arctic could be free of sea ice until 2030. Real Ice believes its technology might help restore melting Arctic sea ice. They are developing a system to create new layers of ice to protect the ecosystem. 🌍
By refreezing, Real Ice can add an extra 70 cm of thickness to the existing ice. The process involves drilling a hole in the ice and pumping seawater on top of the existing ice. 🕳️🌊 Exposing the seawater to the cold atmospheric temperatures causes it to freeze quickly, effectively adding to the ice layer. ❄️🧊
It is as simple as that!
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  • Kevin

    1 w

    Wishing them all the luck as they attempt to resolve the ice crisis once and for all.

    • George Kariuki

      2 w

      This sounds promising. Keep us updated on the progress, Real Ice! We're all rooting for you.

      • Princess

        2 w

        It's fascinating to see innovative solutions like Real Ice's technology aiming to address the melting Arctic ice crisis.

        • winnie nguru

          2 w

          Its good to see this can be controlled

          • Varsa Mahananda

            2 w

            wow! Melting ice has always been such a big concern. If they get that resolved, it would be amazing!

            • walter lungayi

              3 w

              This is a significant scientific endeavor that could have far-reaching implications for addressing the pressing issue of climate change. Initiatives like this demonstrate the potential for innovative solutions to mitigate the environmental challenges we face globally.

              Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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