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Elon Musk

Climate warning

Elon Musk spreads misleading climate claims on Twitter

Elon Musk, the wealthy owner of Twitter, has falsely claimed that farming has no major effect on the climate — prompting corrections from scientists and raising fears about misinformation on the influential social media platform.
-Musk's Twitter takeover sparks fears climate misinformation will surge on platform
-Climate-denial tag topping Twitter searches
-Elon Musk says the planet needs more oil ... and babies

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  • Patrick Kiash

    50 w

    I wish I can talk to him directly and tell him,money isn't everything! Reasoning with all matters most!

    • Sarah Chabane

      54 w

      He is such a dangerous character

      • Joyce Waturu

        54 w

        Such false and unfounded claims are unexpected from a iconic figure of Elon's caliber given the influence he has across the globe.

      • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

        54 w

        This is so reckless of Elon mask

        • Joseph Githinji

          54 w

          This is dangerous especially coming from such an influential fellow. He must withdraw, apologize and take responsibility.

          • Jane Wangui

            52 w

            @joseph_githinji he has to take full responsibility

          • Patrick Kiash

            54 w

            Does he care in a real a sense toward those (babies) and generations to come when he mentions babies?

            • Andy Middleton

              54 w

              Reckless, selfish, foolish, wrong, misguided and dangerous

              • rosebellendiritu

                54 w

                I would term those remarks as reckless

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