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Water temperature data from the Gen1. Alpha-tests of the Wavelet sensors in Key Largo over the weekend showing very warm water. Healthy coral temperature range is 23°C - 29°C.
We need your support to get sensors at depth in near-shore, coral reef environments around the world to understand how climate changes are affecting these reefs at a local level.
As the water warms, the symbiotic algae (Zooxanthellae) that live within the corals, will expel and drift away or die. These algae are needed for healthy coral survival as they use photosynthesis to generate nutrients, essential to the overall health of the corals. These "bleached" corals can survive a short time, but many may suffer long term stress and be overcome.
Less than 100 unique reef systems in the world receive sustained, full-time monitoring. The 2°C Wavelet initiative is endorsed by UNESCO as a project in support of the Ocean Decade, where we work with stakeholders to get sensors in the water, to help add data from places where there are little-to-none existing now.
To support us, please visit our website:

  • Sarah Chabane

    43 w

    Thanks for sharing, what are the consequences of the warm temperatures that we are witnessing right now for coral reefs?

    • 2DegreesC

      43 w

      @sarah_chabane This is great question Sarah. We will typically see bleaching begin around 31.5°C, or possibly even sooner depending on how much stress the corals are under. Not all stressors are climate related, as human impacts can weaken corals. Having hyper-local data, in remote areas both in the ocean and on land, is the mission of 2°C. Without these data, we have little understanding of how climate change is negatively affecting these areas, or how our mitigations will positively affect them.

    • Neil van Niekerk

      43 w

      For those interested to learn more about this project, here is my short presentation from The Ocean Race. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZywlfBaUW6U

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