Bel Jacobs's post

A groundbreaking new report by The Freedom Food Alliance titled "Harvesting #Denial, Distractions & Deception: Revealing #Animal Agriculture’s Disinformation Strategies" reveals an unsettling landscape of #misinformation and #disinformation, with million dollar campaigns by the industry to slow down the shift from animal-based foods to plant-based ones.
“Animal agriculture giants are waging a disinformation war, threatening public health and the planet,” said lead author Nicholas Carter, Director of Environmental Science at the Game Changers Institute and co-creator of Plant Based Data. “Our report exposes their tactics of denial and delay and underscores the need for urgent action.”
Read my latest article for The Empathy Project here:

  • Chris Ndungu

    5 w

    Interesting! thanks for the update.

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      5 w

      wow,this is interesting.Thankyou for sharing.Time were lable disinformation as a threat to the fight against climate change and hold the perpetrators to account.

      • Sarah Chabane

        5 w

        Super interesting and important! Thanks for sharing. The agriculture and meat lobbies are massive and powerful

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