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Palm Oil

Lindt uses palm oil in its chocolates. If this is necessary, Lindt needs to ensure that the palm oil is RSPO certified and to clearly label it so on packaging. Chocolate can also be made without palm oil.
Don't let palm oil production destroy vital habitats! They are more vital to us than chocolate.


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  • Markus Lutteman

    5 w

    Using palm oil is NEVER necessary. Lindt should stop using this immediately.


      5 w

      All that is harmful, unnecessary and destructive to our environment should be banned immediately

      • Elizabeth Gathigia

        5 w

        Anything that leads to destruction of the environment should be banned completely

      • Chris Ndungu

        5 w

        Anything that is threat to the environment should not be used even if is for business. I don't see the need of using Palm Oil where else there is an alternative that can be used to make chocolate.

        • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

          5 w

          For the interest of our mother planet,Lindt should consider another ingredient for chocolate or do away with palm oil altogether.

          • Jane Wangui

            5 w

            They should even be glad that they can do without the will probably make the production even cheaper.

            • Felix mokaya

              5 w

              Why continue using palm oil on making chocolate while you can make chocolate without palm oil ?Palm oil is not environment friendly and its usage should be stopped once and for all

              • Sarah Chabane

                5 w

                True! Palm oil is very destructive and should be avoided, especially by a big company like Lindt!

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