Climate idea

Erlijn van Genuchten

10 w

International Chamber of Commerce Sweden

Climate idea

Returning packages causes many sustainability issues, so should be made more sustainable

Even though it can be comfortable to order more products online than needed and send some of them back, returning products can create a lot of sustainability issues. Such issues include increased energy and fuel use for additional shipments, deliveries, and packaging, and the number of products that end up in landfill. To improve the sustainability of package returns, the number of unnecessary product returns needs to be reduced and the return process itself should be made more sustainable. In this article, I explain how returning products in e-commerce can be made more sustainable and what you and I can do to support this:

How Returning Products In E-Commerce Can Be Made More Sustainable

6 ways the negative impact of product returns can be reduced

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  • George Kariuki

    7 w

    It's important for businesses to reduce the environmental impact of product returns, as this can have a huge impact on the planet.

    • Evangeline Wanjiru

      8 w

      Such a wonderful idea

      • Harrison wambui

        8 w

        Great good idea

        • Gorffly mokua

          8 w

          Great idea💚

          • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

            10 w

            Amazing idea

            • Daniel Waweru

              10 w

              I agree

              • Johannes Luiga

                10 w


                • Joseph Githinji

                  10 w

                  100% agreed

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