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Image of Arctic Ice - Greenland

Arctic Ice - Greenland

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Shipping glacier ice from Greenland to cocktail bars in Dubai? 🤡

Do I need to add more really? Greenland startup Arctic Ice harvests ice from fjords and ancient glaciers then ships it to fancy bars in the UAE. Co-founder Malik V Rasmussen justifies this activity with economic opportunities for Greenland and with the purity and slow melting quality of the ice.
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“In Greenland, we make all our money from fish and tourism,” said Rasmussen. “For a long time, I have wanted to find something else that we can profit from.”
Understandably, strong critics raised concerns over the environmental toll of extracting pristine ice for cocktails when the company launched 2 years ago. But weirdly enough, the company did not understand the backlash on social media, thinking they just communicated wrong. I don't know... maybe communication sn't the core issue here.

Do we need to ship ice around the world for it to be consumed by privileged people? Nope. This is another extreme example of how economic growth is prioritised over the planet. But don't you worry, Arctic Ice has committed to becoming fully carbon-neutral, through carbon capture and storage, or through emerging technologies that suck CO2 out of the air. 🤡

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  • George Kariuki

    13 w

    You're absolutely right – shipping pristine glacier ice from Greenland to posh Dubai bars for fancy cocktails is an absurd proposition on so many levels, and the clown emoji says it all!

    • walter lungayi

      13 w

      It highlights the disconnect between luxury consumption and the urgent need to address climate change.

      • Princess

        13 w

        This is irresponsible.

        • Marine Stephan

          13 w

          This is insane....

          • Kevin

            13 w

            This is very insane

            • CHRIS NGATIA

              13 w

              This is unbelievable !!

              • Joseph Githinji

                13 w

                This is saddening and must stop, we must prioritise people's interests over profits.

                • Kihm Francis

                  13 w


                  • Munene Mugambi

                    13 w

                    Are they aware of the potential effects of their actions? Of course they are, but money first

                    • Jane Wangui

                      13 w

                      @munene_mugambi There could be other solutions to solve this.

                    • johnte ndeto

                      13 w

                      This is crazy

                      • Tabitha Kimani

                        13 w

                        This should never happen under the right leadership.

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