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The Pervasive Consequences of Climate Alteration

Climate alteration presents a profound threat to our planet and its inhabitants. With the escalation of global temperatures, there is an intensification of extreme meteorological occurrences, an elevation in sea levels, disturbance to ecosystems, and an impending scarcity of resources.

The ramifications upon agriculture, health, economic sectors, and susceptible communities are considerable. It is of paramount importance to undertake immediate measures, including the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, to counteract these perils.

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  • Munene Mugambi

    32 w

    We need to put our differences aside and work together to save our one and only habitable planet

    • Rotich Kim

      32 w

      Immediate policy must be made our climate and acquatic animal should be preserve

      • Abraham Jok Atem

        32 w

        Indeed, climate alteration has pervasive consequences to our lives as human beings as well as aquatic animals. Immediate/ urgent policy must be implemented

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