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Everything on the planet is in harmony. Man is its integral part, and all human diseases are identical to the diseases of the planet. When a person takes a medicine, along with the positive effect, he gets the effect of drugs on healthy body systems. Along with this, there are many natural therapeutic and prophylactic remedies, but they act more slowly.
What happens to the elimination of the consequences of anthropogenic impact on the climate (read the disease of the planet). According to established practice, man is again trying to radically influence the climate by eliminating the consequences of his activities. To do this, CO2 is collected and pumped underground, using a huge amount of energy, or substances are dumped into the ocean to bind CO2 dissolved in water. How similar is it to surgical or medical treatment of a person.
It's time to change the paradigm and use other methods.
How to do it? It is very simple, you need to use only natural natural mechanisms.
The sun is the largest and most inexhaustible source of energy on the planet.
The oceans and seas are the largest sinks of CO2 on the planet.
This is the foundation that will naturally eliminate the climate problem.
A very simple and large-scale technology has already been developed to remove excess carbon dioxide from atmospheric air and sea water. I can talk about this separately.
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