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The climate is very similar to a pendulum
The pendulum is a nice device which has been used by the French Physicist Foucault to prove the rotation of the Earth in a very simple way. But here I want to make a comparison. If you set up a pendulum to move it will stop after some time because of several forces of action upon the device and this is illustrated in every book of Physics so I do not need to go into this question. But if you push it too hard it will rotate instead of swinging back and forth as usual. You have pushed the pendulum too hard and if this was really hard it will rotate for several minutes to finally stay back in its swinging mode and finally stop as usual. The same will happen with the Earth, only we are dealing with a much more complicated pendulum, the Earth climate. We are pushing it too hard so the Earth climate will jump from its swinging mode to enter a climate disaster which probably has already happened to the Earth previously and perhaps several times during its very long life of billions of years. That is, our civilization will die for a long time, perhaps some thousand of years until a new civilization will come slowly to be created back as our have been. During this time all we have created will be destroyed, nobody among the new human beings which will be start living in a new era will have the possibility to read what we have written, as well as we have had hard to understand the writings of the old civilizations of our time. A big loss with all our gain in civilization being lost in question of less than 100 years from now on if the climate disaster comes forth. But we can prevent this loss, we can preserve our civilization and further use the gains we have attained, going a little back in our thirst of development. For only 50 years back in time we had clocks going on strings, we used to set back the energy by giving strength to the strings and we were not creating garbage in form of piles. This is only one example, perhaps the best because today we used to think that our clocks are giving us a high precision time. But do we need all this precision to put the Earth in danger and come back to the most deep dark time and finally die in a cold Earth? Yes, the Earth will set the climate back, like the pendulum which was put to rotated and after a while came back to its usual swinging mode. The same will happen to the Earth, only it will take some thousand years, which will be enough to our civilization die. Let'a come back to the strings clock, we do not need all this precision of time for our lives, but this is only one example.
  • Sarah Chabane

    48 w

    This is a good metaphor, what are your advice to go back to 50 years ago?

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