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The environmental activists of the organization Restore Wetlands gathered at the peat extraction site at the peat factory in Bredaryd.
What are you doing?
- We are plugging the ditches and restoring this peat extraction and the brutal destruction of nature to a teeming wetland, says Helene Wahlgren, who is the spokesperson for Restore the Wetlands.
The land they have set up their tent camps on is owned by Sveaskog, but it is the fine-bearded peat company Neova that mines the peat, which after mining is sold on as soil improvement or fuel. The fact that it is a fine-bearded company that mines the peat is an oddity in itself, Helene thinks.
- In Finland, peat mining is being phased out with the help of EU grants, but here in Sweden, they continue and open new peat quarries. Few people know that we still have peat mining in our country and few know what huge carbon dioxide emissions there are from a peat mine like this.
Peat has been mined at Flymossen for many years.
At the southern end, there is no production going on now, there a restoration has started and the vegetation is starting to regain the fields where the peat has been lying in the open. But at the northern end mining is still going on.
- There are large areas that are mined, it really is a peat mine.
There are large ditches to plug with shovels and manual labor. But the activists are determined to succeed.

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  • Lucinda Ramsay

    44 w

    Peat should stay in the ground as a carbon sink! We have alternatives to peat now..mining/cutting peat should be banned.

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