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The Free & Open University of Eco-Sustainability - Schedule - Saturday Nov 25, 2-4pm PST - 2023 • Co-ops, Community & Private Land Trusts in Brasil or Elsewhere • By Forest Berg • Group Focus on Eco-Sustainability • • Reduced Human Footprint below 1.0 Earth per capita • Massive Eco-Sustainable Education in Schools & Universities • Universal Eco-Sustainable Green Income #UGI • Passive Solar Homes • Rooftop Solar • Rainwater Harvesting • Solar Cooking & Solar Hot Water • Greywater, Compost Toilets & Biomass • Organic Farming No Dig No Till • Eliminate Plastics, Fossil Fuels, Pollutants, Synthetic Chemicals, Pesticides, PFAs, GMOs group

live stream

podcast on facebook group as soon as session ends PM for meeting URL or watch on FB LIVE (C) GNU Commons Attribution - Copyright Expressly Forbidden #ecosustainability @everyone
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  • zelda ninga

    19 w

    This is good news,The youth need to learn about climate change.

    • Princess

      20 w

      a valuable opportunity to explore innovative approaches to sustainable practices.

      • Joey Mendoza

        20 w

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