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The climate lost with 4-6. Sweden's politicians have scored an own goal.

The climate lost with 4-6. Sweden's politicians have scored an own goal. The biggest commitment in the new Swedish government budget is to increase fossil fuel subsidies by about 6.5 billion SEK (~650 MUSD) through reduced gasoline and diesel tax. At the same time, they proudly communicate that 4 billion is invested in the climate (the overall budget for the environment was however cut by 20% according to Naturskyddsföreningen (SSNC)).
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Our very own climate minister said this at COP27: "I hope to see this spirit of urgency and opportunity also reflected in the COP27 Mitigation work programme. Securing a space for jointly accelerating climate action in this crucial decade. We suggest the work programme reflects and takes stock of the many initiatives many of us engaged in outside our process. As well as progress in implementing the agreed phase down of coal and phase out of fossil fuel subsidies." Sweden is doing the exact opposite. And they are not alone! Globally, most countries are ramping up their direct consumer subsidies for fossil fuels - a staggering 475% increase in the last year, while support for green energy lags behind.
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At this rate, the climate will always be trailing behind our fossil-fueled world. These subsidies also empower the oil industry, in turn bolstering their immense profits and societal influence. They support high oil prices, and even if our money doesn't go directly into Russia's pockets, it indirectly strengthens the Russian military. As long as our politicians keep shooting themselves in the foot, we'll always be behind.
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If you're tired of being on the losing side, join the world's largest network for climate solutions. #wedonthavetime to wait
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  • Kevin

    40 w

    The concern does not seem really genuine

    • Sarah Chabane

      41 w

      This government is leading us to a big wall

      • Gorffly mokua

        41 w

        A clear indication that they don't real care about the environment!!⚠⚠

        • johnte ndeto

          41 w

          It's imperative that governments worldwide prioritize environmental sustainability and take immediate and effective actions to combat climate change.

          • Richard S

            41 w

            🔥🇸🇪 #Lies #Censorship🇪🇺🔥

            Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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