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New Cop28 president is CEO of oil company ADNOC.

The President of Cop28 is the CEO of one of the world’s largest oil companies and has been branded a ‘climate criminal’ by Green MP Caroline Lucas.
Dr Sultan Al Jaber is the group chief executive of Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC), as well as the United Arab Emirate’s Minister of Industry and Advanced Technology. He has been appointed President of the 2023 UN Climate Change Conference, which will take place in Dubai in November.
ADNOC produces more than four million barrels of oil per day and around 11.5 billion cubic feet of natural gas. As founding CEO of Abu Dhabi’s renewable energy firm Masdar, in which ADNOC has a 24% stake, Jaber has overseen its mandate to adopt renewables in the UAE
Green MP Caroline Lucas told The Independent: “The climate criminal CEO of a super-wealthy, super-dirty Emirate oil company should be nowhere near the vicinity of any climate conference, let alone presiding over one. Climate-wrecking fossil fuel companies like ADNOC have got away with polluting our planet for far too long, leaving the damage and destruction at our door, escaping with billions of profits, and then greenwashing us into submission.
“The fossil fuel era is over. If COP28 is going to bring us any closer to tackling the climate emergency and securing a liveable future, this conference needs a president free of any dirty fossil fuel ties.”
In September Dr Al Jaber told the National: “Even in a net zero emissions world, energy security requires that oil and gas be part of the mix.
“We have a responsibility to the billions of people of the world to ensure they have access to energy.”
He added: “You need to maintain the current system, while the world still relies on it [and] drive down its emissions, while driving up investment in new energies.
“Innovative climate action, which involves the fast adoption of renewable energy and other low-carbon sources, has the potential to provide long-lasting energy security. But we are not there yet.”
UN Cop28 representatives and ADNOC have been contacted for a comment.

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  • Mc Kaka Official🇰🇪

    70 w

    Cop turning into a trade fair

    • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

      70 w

      So ironical! conflict of interest!

      • We Don't Have Time

        71 w

        Dear Tabitha Kimani Thank you for getting your climate warning to level 2! We have reached out to Unf c c c and asked for a response. I will keep you updated on any progress! /Adam We Don't Have Time

        • Hilda Wangui

          72 w

          This is ironic

          • Mercy Munyiri

            78 w

            this is irony at its best, UNFCC should come out clear how this transpired.

            • Mary Chemist

              78 w

              Canadian climate watchers were appalled that an oil company magnate from a country deeply invested in fossil fuel production was chosen to play host to a meeting where countries gather to chart a path to reduce planet-warming pollution for the good of the world.

              • Tabitha Kimani

                78 w

                The only mitigating factor is the fact Al Jabar wears two hats when it comes to energy. Alongside his CEO duties, he chairs the Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company, also known as Masdar, a renewable energy firm. The company website says it advances innovation in clean technologies and is adopting a “smart first-mover approach in green hydrogen.”

                • Peter Karanga

                  78 w

                  Preaching water and drinking wine, ironical.

                  • Elizabeth Gathigia

                    79 w

                    Sooooo ironical

                    • Baraka Lenga Rutendeli

                      79 w

                      Enough is enough, it is high time now people needs to take the lead

                      • Gorffly mokua

                        79 w

                        If no action will be taken towards this, then COP28 will be of a big joke!!

                        • Munene Mugambi

                          79 w

                          What exactly is this ? What metrics were used to determine this ?

                          • Kamau WA Githinji

                            79 w

                            this is ironic, if he has to preside over the event ,he must be ready to pay the price of fighting climate change

                            • George Kariuki

                              79 w

                              It is worth noting, however, that the UAE has been taking some steps to diversify its economy and invest in cleaner energy sources, so it is possible that the CEO may have a unique perspective on the issue and be able to bring a nuanced approach to the discussions at COP28.

                              • Lunca Kui

                                79 w

                                We are not buying this.

                                • Tabitha Kimani

                                  79 w

                                  Highest level of conflict of interest.

                                  • rosebellendiritu

                                    79 w

                                    I can only imagine what he can plan to put on the table for discussion


                                      79 w

                                      Even Bet

                                      • Markus Lutteman

                                        79 w

                                        What the hell …

                                        • Dawn Stephens

                                          79 w

                                          This is heartbreaking news! How can this be allowed? We are doomed to destruction by the corrupt multi millionaire/billionaires who only have their own narrow greedy interests. Ultimately they will destroy the human race & many species. Greed greed greed. Protect our mother Earth from these monsters!

                                          • Professor Aniebiet Inyang Ntui

                                            79 w

                                            How is this possible? This is like having a meeting to hatch a plan to kill the "devil" but wait you make the "devil" head of the meeting.

                                            • Dawn Stephens

                                              79 w

                                              This is absolutely appalling! How can this be allowed? The destruction of this planet by greedy multi millionaires & billionaires gies unabated! For heavens sake stop this insanity!

                                              • JOSEPH KIARII NDUNGU

                                                79 w

                                                The oil industry has been heavily criticized for its role in contributing to climate change thus, this raises eyebrows.

                                                • Marine Stephan

                                                  79 w

                                                  I can't even understand how this is possible... I would however say that it is not the UNFCCC that should be receiving this climate warning as they have nothing to do with this. It is the host-country that decides

                                                  • Timothy Ndegwa

                                                    79 w

                                                    Greenwashing of highest level

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