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No doubt, we have lost the sense of reality. Reality is hard to define as information doubling is happening faster and faster. Homo sapiens has many great and lovely attributes but is also highly expansionist, selfish, boundedly rational, myopic, equipped with moral hazards, and behavior is rather rigid.
Earth Science and related sciences are complex, long-term, and difficult to transmit in a trickle-down process. Nobody likes unpleasant news. It is a time of populism, with easy recipes at the cost of diversity and implied societal solidarity.
Only a niche in each generation bracket is really interested in the topic and fewer embrace the corollary of embracing behavioral calibrations. More culture. Data may have reached its diffusion breadth maximum. Contextualism, such as in India does offer interesting guidance for regional biomes, on what can be accommodated.
More e.g. Siddartha, Ibn Khaldun, Lǎozǐ, Kant, and Mills, added on top of Data Science. If the data is unpleasant, it is simply turned off. This is often not the fault of governments, as they are simply replaced by populist election results.
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