Candela - We Don't Have Time's Latest Changemaker!

When we think of boats, the last thing we think of is that they fly. However, Candela has changed that. Their frictionless, waveless, and fumeless flying electric boats use hydrofoil technology to challenge the concept of what a boat can be.

Initially designed for private transportation that would be more comfortable and cheaper, Candela’s technology has caught the attention of public transportation. And just next spring, authorities in Stockholm are scheduled to test Candela’s public ferries for the first time.
Their micro ferries aren’t just powered by electricity rather than fossil fuels, they’re smaller and modular, able to scale up or down traffic on waterways to suit commuters’ needs, all while putting less carbon in our atmosphere.
Make sure to register for our Changemaker Panel at COP28 this December to see Candela and our other Changemakers live!

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        Welcome aboard Candela, hoping to see your work displayed here for all to see

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          Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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