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J.P. Morgan & Co.

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Investing in Carbon Bombs

Leave it in the ground (Lingo) have recently made public a database of Russian ”Carbon Bomb” investments made by financial institutions. A ”Carbon Bomb” investment is a fossil-fuel extraction project that contains at at least 1bn tonnes of CO2 emissions. The largest combination of investment and credit is none other than JPMorgan Chase. Not only is this a direct investment in the destruction of our shared future –– it also helps fund Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and Putin’s demolition of the Russian society. Links:

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  • Patrick Kiash

    94 w

    Its sad to note a financial institution of such calibre is among the destroyers of our shared future.

    • Marine Stephan

      94 w

      We really don't have time for more fossil fuels... they are fueling the climate crisis and wars!!!

      • Thomas Tienso

        95 w

        This is no longer acceptable by a company supposed to be sustainable and respected. Greed of this kind will have a big impact in the near future.

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