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For offering easily rentable electric cars!

Aimo carsharing definitely deserves a Climate Love! Aimo offers fully electric cars, which you can easily rent for just one hour, several hours, or several days. I found it easy to use and was glad about the option of renting an electric car, instead of renting a fossil fueled car!
Furthermore, e-mobility as a service is much more sustainable than everyone having private electric cars. Becuase then, not as many cars have to be produced, leading to lower resource use. And sharing is caring ;)
With the new book "Earth for All" by Johan Rockström et. al. it's clear that the systems science helps us see the benefits from reduced private car ownership in cities. Instead of having your own car, it's better to move by walking, biking and public transport, combined with e-mobility as a a service. Then, as a last resort, you could have a private electric car.

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  • Tabitha Kimani

    62 w

    Amazing. The reduction of carbon emissions is key.

    • Daniel Waweru

      62 w

      If the aim is to go green the let's do it.

      Welcome, let's solve the climate crisis together
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