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December 5th is annually celebrated as World Soil Day to observe the importance of soil as a critical component of ecosystem health. It is also a day to advocate for regeneration of soils globally. One of the biggest concerns is that by degrading soils, humanity is not only reducing crop productivity, but is degrading human and animal health, and particularly the soil-gut biome. This needs to be immediately reversed with better management. @earthbanc is a promoter of reforestation, conservation, protection, and tree planting which restores soil organic carbon and biology, prevents erosion and restores local ecosystems. Through its carbon projects across the globe Earthbanc has created impact in many sites, some of which include the Amazon in Peru, and Meghalaya & Sundarbans in India. Learn more about our projects here: #worldsoilday #soil #soilcarbon #carbonmarkets #climateaction #netzero #climate #climatechange #reforestation #carboncredits #carbonpricing #carbonfootprint #conservation #biodiversity #COP27 #SDG

  • Sarah Chabane

    24 w

    A very important day for our ecosystems!

    • Adam Wallin

      24 w

      Very important day to commemorate, soils are too often forgotten even though they are supremely important for the environment!

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