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Soft plastics as a resource. Dear Nestlé, We have used your product, have a case study and now are commercializing a circular economy system to reuse your soft plastic waste. Lets talk.

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  • Cynthia Mealy


    71 w

    I agree with the poster as a bandaid, but ItsHighTime is correct. Other companies are ending plastic bottles. Get to it, Nestle.

    • ItIsHighTime


      86 w

      There should be an end to plastic water bottles and Nestlé has a horrible record as does Coca-Cola. Recovery and volume as well as micro plastics in our food chains as all reasons to use plastics only very sparingly. We can manage ourselves by making good choices into the future and not just cleaning up bigger messes. I am all for circular economies and this is a step but even Coca-Cola is failing in their recycling promises. Look into that and you will see that there is a big mess created all over the planet with these plastic drinking bottles.

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