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After COP27, What Are The Options? An Introduction to Plan E Authored by Elizabeth G. Boulton, PhD Introduction There is wide agreement that the Paris Agreement and subsequent COP meetings, while involving myriads of well-intentioned people, are hitting the hard limits of what is politically possible. Yet the planet’s climate and ecological stability is also pressing upon more significant biophysical limits. So, what options do we have? Reviewed by Counterpunch, a bold new approach is ‘PLAN E’ – a climate and ecologically centred security strategy. It was published by the US Marine Corps University Press in April 2022 in two parts; there is a theoretical and demonstrational component. The approach proposes that together, global warming and ecological crisis, are not merely economic or science policy issues, but rather, that they constitute a new form of threat – dubbed a hyperthreat. While terms like ‘crisis’ or ‘emergency’ highlight urgency, the hyperthreat notion spotlights the violence, killing, harm and destruction that is imposed through climate and ecological breakdown. Read more: https://www.scientistswarning.org/2022/11/22/after-cop27-what-are-the-options-plan-e/

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