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We're a B Corp - but why should you care? Almost two years ago, we accomplished something really awesome: we became a certified B Corp. Achieving this required a rigorous exam of our operations, sustainability efforts and business model. But why is this important to you? Many companies' main purpose is to make money for their shareholders. At Icebug we don't buy into that. And there are other companies in the world that don't either. To become a B Corp, a company must pass a rigorous examination of operations, a sustainability assessment, and including a higher purpose in their company by-laws beyond just making money. In our case, our owners clearly state in writing that Nature and Society come before their own profit interest. This also works as a foundation for all the work we do, every day. Our Owners' directives:

There are B Corps in most industries – like Ben & Jerry's in ice cream, Tony's Chocolonely in chocolate, and Patagonia in outdoor clothing. Next time you see the B logo: please take an extra look, because it actually means something. Interested in becoming a B Corp? Reach out! Find a B Corp to buy from, work with, or learn more about Certified B Corporations around the world:

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