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Sameen Shahid

13 w

Simon Stiell

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Action to make a transformational difference in fashion sector 💪

The UN Climate Change Executive Secretary, Simon Stiell, has called on the fashion industry to accelerate its efforts in reducing emissions and demonstrate a commitment to systemic change. 🙌
While progress has been made, such as complying with reporting requirements and sharing climate-related information, the sector still has a significant distance to travel. Stiell made these remarks at a Fashion Industry Charter for Climate Action meeting in Germany.
Stirll says that the fashion sector needs to move further and faster. "It needs to accelerate the pace of implementation of this Charter and extend its reach. Emissions need to go down as rapidly as possible.” 🌏

Fashion Industry Needs to Move “Further and Faster” to Drive Climate Action | UNFCCC

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  • Jennie

    13 w

    We need the fashion industry to take some big steps! The trend to make more seasons and more sales with clothes of poor quality needs to stop!

    • George Kariuki

      13 w

      It's encouraging to see that the fashion industry is taking climate action seriously and striving to make a transformational difference.

      • Tabitha Kimani

        13 w

        The fashion industry should decarbonize its operations and seek to reduce its contribution to climate change.

        • Sameen Shahid

          13 w

          @tabitha_kimani Should be a top priority!

        • Peter Kamau

          13 w

          Truly the fashion industry owes the planet a big deal of commitment to zeroing it's emissions it emits. Fast fashion is ruining the planet and it's about time that we realize that what's in the wardrobe is even more than enough to run you for the next half a decade at least without making new purchases.

          • Elizabeth Gathigia

            13 w

            @peter_kamau I agree with you 💯

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