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Pakistan has no recycling system and it’s affecting the citizens.
Having a recycling system is a key component for a country with a large plastic waste.
All the plastic waste here is thrown into large dumps by the garbage collectors, or groups of people go by collecting all the garbage, but there's no point to this because the garbage gets thrown into the rivers, or burned.
All the burning plastic contributes to pollution and global warming.
In Lahore an experiment was done; the citizens hung a white t-shirt outside in the air, and checked on it the next day. The white t-shirt turned charcoal black from all the pollution.
This much pollution causes the locals to inhale chemicals, it's worse than second hand smoking.
I think that the government should start putting up recycling bins, and then process the recycled materials into new things, like paper.
Ansharah Said MYP-3 Sheikh Zayed International Academy Islamabad

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