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📣 Our Bank Annual General Meeting (AGM) Calendar is now up-to-date!
Check out our calendar for banks' announced AGM dates, convocation and proxy documents, and all the information you need to join and make some noise! Updated every Monday.
What is an AGM and why is it important?
An Annual General Meeting (AGM) is a mandatory yearly gathering held by a company, typically following the end of its financial year. AGMs provide shareholders with voting rights and the opportunity to review the previous year's performance and discuss future plans. Consequently, they also serve as platforms for shareholder activism, enabling individuals and groups to advocate for better banking practices by engaging directly with banking executives and board members.
Shareholders can utilise an array of strategies, including:
📃 Submitting resolutions: Shareholders can propose resolutions that, if passed, legally bind banks to specific actions.
❓Submitting questions: Shareholders can ask questions to the board, addressing issues such as environmental impact and corporate governance.
✊ Engaging in protests and civil disobedience: Activists may organise protests or engage in civil disobedience to raise awareness of certain issues. This can include actions ranging from peaceful demonstrations in front of AGM venues to disruption of the AGM.

  • Ann Nyambura

    7 w

    great initiative

    • Sarah Chabane

      9 w

      THis is a great accountability tool!

      • Munene Mugambi

        9 w

        Incredible plans to ensure we get the sustainability required to save our planet by reduction of carbon emissions from the fossil industries and other large org polluters.

        • dickson mutai

          9 w

          A vital role in driving positive change / ensuring corporate accountability

          • Ingmar Rentzhog

            9 w

            Love the action. Let's move the money

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