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Journalist and single mother Fadia Bazzeh, a news producer for New TV in Lebanon, volunteered to report from the frontline during Israeli airstrikes in July 2006. Despite the danger, she was determined to showcase her home region. Tragically, a colleague's death in the bombing only heightened her resolve Discover more empowering documentaries like this on tve's Storyhub at no cost. Sign up today for free access and delve into inspiring stories featuring women

  • Gorffly mokua

    10 w

    Great work! Keep it up.💚

    • Kevin

      10 w

      An amazing job with the information you air

      • Gorffly mokua

        10 w

        @Kevin 💚💚✔

      • Rukia Ahmed Abdi

        10 w

        The story of Fadia Bazzeh, a journalist and single mother, courageously reporting from the frontline during Israeli airstrikes in Lebanon in 2006, serves as a powerful testament to the resilience and determination of individuals in the face of adversity. Her commitment to showcasing her home region, even in the midst of danger, is inspiring. The tragic loss of a colleague in the bombing only strengthened her resolve. This narrative underscores the importance of empowering stories that highlight the strength and resilience of women in challenging situations. The reference to tve's Storyhub, offering free access to empowering documentaries, further emphasizes the value of sharing such narratives to inspire and drive positive change, possibly including those related to climate change and environmental challenges.

        • Tabitha Kimani

          10 w

 …..keep up the good job of informing us.

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