OX2 Takes a Dual Approach: Science-Based Targets for Climate and Nature-Positive Renewable Energy

OX2, a prominent player in the renewable energy industry, is making significant strides towards a sustainable future, which we define as the desired state within the planetary and social boundaries. Adhering to science, OX2’s approach to sustainability encompasses a dual approach to climate and contribution. As we outline in our own reports, climate change and biodiversity loss are interconnected global crises that need to be addressed jointly.

The 1.5°C ambition:

The world is at a critical tipping point.​ Global greenhouse gas emissions need to decrease rapidly to limit climate change to 1.5°C, as encompassed by the Paris Agreement. We need to shift from a fossil fueled society to one that runs on clean energy. By accelerating access to renewable energy, OX2 enables the sustainable electrification of societies – and everything that comes with it.
The intergovernmental panel on climate change states that the expansion of renewable energy is key to mitigate climate change. However, developing renewable energy is not without a climate footprint. OX2’s approach to climate action is therefore to increase renewable energy production and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in line with the 1.5°C ambition.
“Our climate action is simple: increasing the climate handprint, the positive impact from replacing fossil energy with renewable energy, and reducing the climate footprint, the greenhouse gas emissions stemming from the construction of renewable energy projects and our business operations,” says Linda Strindevall, OX2's Environment and Climate Change Manager.

OX2’s science-based targets:

Science Based Targets initiative drives ambitious climate action in the private sector by enabling organizations to set greenhouse gas emission reduction targets in line with science. They do this by informing organizations how much and how quickly they need to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement and the 1.5°C ambition.
OX2 have set science-based targets (SBTs) as part of an ongoing dedication to combating climate change from their business operations. Through this, OX2 joins customers, suppliers, and peers in the SBTi’s movement of corporate climate action.
“The true strength of our SBTs is not because they are unique, but because they are part of a collective cross-industry shift to low-carbon economy,” says Rebecka Karlsson, OX2’s Head of Sustainability.
OX2 plans to meet its set science-based targets by decarbonizing their vehicle fleet, choosing renewable energy for their offices, and working together with suppliers and customers to reduce the climate impact from their renewable energy projects. After all, it’s not just in the interest of the planet, but in the interest of the average individual and their reliance on reliable, steady, and clean energy.
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Biodiversity is key to address climate change:

Climate change is one of the main drivers of biodiversity loss, and biodiversity loss exacerbates further climate change. Addressing these two global crises jointly is not only effective – but a must.
Biodiversity - the variety of plant and animal life – is fundamental for life on Earth and an essential part of our economy. The food we eat, the medicine we take, and the material we use in products all rely on biodiversity.
“Renewable energy should not come at the expense of nature, which is why we have set the target to develop nature-positive solar and wind farms by 2030,” says Paul Stormoen, OX2’s CEO.
"The trajectory of nature positive by 2030. It recognizes some ongoing loss is unavoidable given current trends and identifies the goal of a net improvement to a nature-positive condition by 2030 (from a 2020 baseline) and full recovery by 2050."
"The trajectory of nature positive by 2030. It recognizes some ongoing loss is unavoidable given current trends and identifies the goal of a net improvement to a nature-positive condition by 2030 (from a 2020 baseline) and full recovery by 2050."

To achieve this vision, OX2 is exploring innovative strategies such as seabed oxygenation, wetland restoration and the establishment of mussels in a local creek. By implementing these practices, OX2 aims to enhance ecosystems and promote biodiversity while generating clean energy.
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OX2’s biodiversity strategy:

OX2 has established three goal areas for biodiversity which are key to achieve the long-term goal of nature-positive wind and solar farms. First, the company will employ the mitigation hierarchy as a guiding principle in all new renewable energy projects. This approach ensures that biodiversity considerations are prioritized throughout the project phases.
Secondly, OX2 is dedicated to delivering credibility and transparency in its biodiversity efforts. The company is monitoring appropriate methods and frameworks to measure and report on their biodiversity work, as well as increasing knowledge and skills regarding biodiversity throughout the organization.
The third and final goal is to ensure a nature-positive climate transition by actively engaging with scientists, landowners, industry and trade organizations, and other external stakeholders to deepen the understanding of the intricate relationship between renewable energy and biodiversity. By working together, they can implement measures that effectively protect and enhance natural ecosystems whilst increasing access to renewable energy.
  • Christina Carlmark

    45 w

    Excellent work in renewable energy.

    • Rosalind Kent

      49 w

      Where's the benefit to nature of global warming from fossil fuels??

      • Munene Mugambi

        50 w

        Such organisations drive up the clean energy agenda

        • Patrick Kiash

          51 w

          I love your ambitious climate initiative and the three goals you have to ensure a nature positive climate transition that's a very needed and impactful track majority should take.

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